Leadership is a journey


Experiential, team-based learning experiences for leaders.


A one-day, team-based business simulation that teaches strategic thinking, collaboration, business acumen and leadership.

Decision Mojo

Drawing from recent research on neuroscience, behavioral economics and decision theory, Decision Mojo is a powerful one-day learning experience that helps participants and teams make better decisions.

Managing Success

A management and leadership development training program that introduces people managers to the essential skills needed to effectively manage people and teams.

Harrison Assessments

A comprehensive behavioral assessment to help leaders identify critical leadership strengths and potential career derailers.

About Us

We design and deliver engaging learning experiences that give leaders the skills they need to succeed:
"Leaders aren’t born, they are made." - Vince Lombardi

Preparing the next generation to lead your organization is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a leader. We partner with organizations to help people develop the skills, confidence and experience necessary to become successful leaders.

Leadership isn't easy, and there are no silver bullets or simple forumlas, but there are basic skills that form the foundation for future success. We immerse learners in simulated business envrironments and scenarios where they apply their skills, receive feedback and learn from their decisions.

  • Business Acumen
  • Decision making
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking

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