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What We can Learn from the Olympics

We watch the Olympics and are fascinated by the athletes who have devoted years to practicing and improving their abilities. We marvel at the parents, coaches, teachers and mentors who have helped them get to the pinnacle of their athletic … Continue reading

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Mind Your Message

When we communicate, what are we really saying with the words we use? Consider these common phrases: no problem, at the end of the day, manage expectations. What do these clichés mean? When we use them, are we effectively communicating? … Continue reading

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Leadership and EQ

In the past, it might have been true that leaders could succeed simply because they were smart. But that’s no longer all it takes. While technical skills remain important, our emotional intelligence (referred to as EQ or EI) is just … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Drive Innovation

Innovation isn’t just about creating new products or developing a new design. Innovation also plays a key role in employee engagement, customer satisfaction and company success. Here are five things you can do to drive innovation in your organization. 1. … Continue reading

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