What is the Biggest Challenge for Leaders?

   The following is the second in a series of five questions and corresponding answers on leadership.  (See question #1: How to Motivate and Inspire Others? )   2. What is the biggest challenge in leading an organization?   Communication is the most important and most challenging task when leading an organization.    Leaders must communicate organizational goals and strategies,[…]

WolframAlpha: The Answer Engine

When I was studying mathematics at the University of Puget Sound in the early 1990s my professors were extremely excited about a newly purchased, and quite expensive software program called Mathematica.  There were only a few copies available to our department, but when I got my hands on one I immediately recognized the power of Mathematica as a[…]

Inspiring and Motivating Others

I was recently involved in a research project asking me to submit my views on leadership development.   The following is the first in a series of five questions and corresponding answers.  I found the exercise to be extremely useful and encourage you to come up with your own answers to these questions.  It will help you clarify[…]