Three Leadership Lessons from the Academic World

Look around any college campus and you will find students squeezed into a packed auditorium to hear a professor’s talk, passionately engaged in a classroom discussion or intently listening to a professor’s remarks and insights. Of course on that same campus, there are students sleeping through lectures, skipping class and debating the value of a[…]

Leaders as Readers

A recent HBR blog post titled “For Those Who Want to Lead, Read,” got me thinking about the role reading plays in leadership. Parents are familiar with reading logs, book reports and the importance of enforcing the daily reading habit for their children. The ability to read has always been identified as one of the[…]

Sure, You Can Lead, But Can You follow?

We read, write and talk a lot about the skills and abilities of leaders. In that discussion, it’s easy to forget a critical part of a leader’s success is that first person who is willing to follow. It’s pretty simple: without a follower, there’s no leader. Derek Sivers’ video, “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing[…]

What We can Learn from the Olympics

We watch the Olympics and are fascinated by the athletes who have devoted years to practicing and improving their abilities. We marvel at the parents, coaches, teachers and mentors who have helped them get to the pinnacle of their athletic careers. How can we take that wonder and demonstrate the same respect in our everyday[…]