Prepare For A Crisis With Help from John Wooden

Business leaders today will potentially face several types of crisis during their careers, including financial collapse, natural disasters and hostile situations. With the recent devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, adequately preparing for a crisis is top of mind. Famed leader John Wooden, who coached the UCLA basketball team to many victories, said this about crisis:[…]

Leaders Who Inspire Innovative Ideas

It’s easy to think of innovation only in terms of the big developments or breakthrough concepts – the iPod, Frappuccino blended coffee, hybrid cars. We don’t think as much about the teams of people behind those ideas. More importantly, we forget that those teams are led by leaders who embrace and create environments where innovation[…]

3 Tips for Creating a Sense of Tribe

In Seth Godin’s book Tribes he says: “Human beings can’t help it: we need to belong.” While this may appear to be a simple statement, the implications of creating a sense of belonging to a tribe can have a huge impact on a leaders’ success. One tribe with one purpose can get amazing work done.[…]