Looking for Success in 2013? Acknowledge Your Employee Efforts Now

Recognize and acknowledge good work wherever you find it…As a Grateful Leader, your gratitude and appreciation motivate and inspire [employees] to go beyond what they perceive as their limits. They will want to give you their best performance and give whatever it takes. – Judith W. Umlas In Judith Umlas’ book, Grateful Leadership: Using the[…]

The Higher the Rank the Higher the Stress? Maybe Not.

Conventional wisdom says that leaders who manage people and have more responsibility in an organization experience more stress than the people below them.  In fact, a seminal HBR article from the early 1980s made this claim.  However, this article from Strategy + Business describes a recent study that found the exact opposite; the higher you[…]

Leadership and Accountability

The letter “A” may be for accountability but research shows that implementing it is not as easy as you’re a-b-c’s. While it’s one of the skills that is lauded as most important for leaders, experts are finding that it’s difficult for people to execute. A recent Harvard Business Review post by Darren Overfield and Rob[…]