Drive for Results with Change Management

Before you can lead a change effort you must first identify the forces that are driving change and build the case for why change is critical. Gathering support from other leaders, as well as your team, depends on how well you understand the change that’s needed. Considering these questions will help you prepare and ultimately[…]

3 Ways to Focus on Organizational Integrity

Integrity is not just a personal issue; it is also an organizational and cultural issue. People across the enterprise are influenced by the rules, processes and values of an organization. Assess your current culture and consider the signals and subtle messaging it is sending to employees: Do clear rules exist for ethical behavior? Having guideposts,[…]

3 Ways to Get Deep About Development

We’ve talked about the importance of coaching talent and about creating development plans. It’s a lot easier to do both of those things if you actually know the people on your team. Here are ways to get beyond knowing their first name and where they like to eat lunch: Understand their interests. What are your[…]