Deep, Long-Lasting, Meaningful Work

How do some athletes and artists stay dedicated to their craft over many years, even decades? And throughout that time, how do they continue to improve, and turn in game-changing performances and create break-through works of art? In their book, Peak Performance, Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness explore how some individuals are able to find[…]

3 Tips for Improving Decision Making

You walk into the conference room for your fourth meeting of the day. It’s a cross-functional committee and you’ve been tasked with making a big decision. You’re pretty sure the committee made a decision during last week’s meeting, and you’re hopeful today’s topic is focused on execution. After all, a solution was discussed thoroughly and[…]

Z to A of Leadership (Q to O)

  Photo by: Ben Sutherland There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. That’s why each week we’re exploring just three words related to leadership in our Z to A of Leadership series. Why did we start with Z, you might ask? Because great leaders start with the end in mind. Q is[…]

Z to A of Leadership: R through T

  Photo by: Ben Sutherland     With theories, strategies and advice from experts that you must use, being a good leader can feel really difficult. But, there’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. That’s why each week we’re exploring three words in our Z to A of Leadership series. Each week[…]

Four Easy Ways to Improve Your Development

  It’s back to school week in many cities around the United States. As kids and teachers make their way back into the classroom, we can all use the “back to school” mentality to get a fresh start when it comes to our professional development as leaders. Take the back to school momentum and apply[…]

Building Bench Strength With A Commitment to People Planning

The people planning process is designed to assess your bench strength and link the development of individual skills and capability with the future direction of the business. Invest the time necessary to make this a meaningful and rewarding process for your people. With direction from you and input from each employee, people planning doesn’t need[…]

3 Ways to Get Deep About Development

We’ve talked about the importance of coaching talent and about creating development plans. It’s a lot easier to do both of those things if you actually know the people on your team. Here are ways to get beyond knowing their first name and where they like to eat lunch: Understand their interests. What are your[…]

4 Steps for Coaching Talent with Development Plans

Wondering how to coach your talent on the creation of their career development plans? Here are four steps to use when working with people on your team to create their individual development plans: Meet regularly with your employees one-on-one to clarify their immediate and long-term career goals and select a skill or behavior in need[…]

Leaders as Readers

A recent HBR blog post titled “For Those Who Want to Lead, Read,” got me thinking about the role reading plays in leadership. Parents are familiar with reading logs, book reports and the importance of enforcing the daily reading habit for their children. The ability to read has always been identified as one of the[…]