See How Easily You Can Build Trust By Listening

There’s no doubt that trust is important. But all this attention on trust can make it seem complicated and difficult.Organizations often create internal initiatives to build trust. There are numerous books on trust. Articles cite research about trust and the critical role it plays in our lives. There’s one simple technique that quickly helps trust[…]

3 Ways to Focus on Organizational Integrity

Integrity is not just a personal issue; it is also an organizational and cultural issue. People across the enterprise are influenced by the rules, processes and values of an organization. Assess your current culture and consider the signals and subtle messaging it is sending to employees: Do clear rules exist for ethical behavior? Having guideposts,[…]

3 Phrases that Kill Trust in the Workplace

A key ingredient for establishing trust in the workplace is being accountable for your actions .  Accountability involves claiming your own power and marshaling your internal resources to achieve better results. Accountability asks, “What do you need?” Or, “What can I do to make a difference?” Accountable behavior enables you to take charge of your[…]

A Company that Builds People First and Machines Second

Bob Chapman is not your typical leader.  Take, for example, the mission of Barry-Wehmiller, the $1.5 billion company where Bob is Chairman and CEO: We build great people who do extraordinary things. You might be confused if someone told you that Barry-Wehmiller builds capital equipment and delivers consulting services, because what Bob will tell you is “building great[…]

Marissa Mayer Under the Spotlight: What Can Leaders Learn About Trust?

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, was hired to fix a broken organization. She came into the spotlight recently with her decision to remove the option to work from home. This caused a huge uproar – tweets, blog posts and articles spread like the flu within minutes after a copy of the memo was released. Never[…]

What Leaders Can Learn from Failure

“The most valuable lessons I’ve learned is what not to do. Without those experiences, I would not have learned what I learned and bring that to my company. Silicon Valley is littered with failures.” – LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner told David Bryant in this interview You’re probably nodding your head in agreement with Weiner’s statement.[…]

Resource Round-Up: Questions and Conversations

Journalists know the importance of the Five W’s (who, what, when, where, why…and don’t forget how). They understand that the difference between a good or bad question can make or break a story, and potentially their career. As leaders we also need to be intentional about the questions we ask and the conversations we have[…]

Sure, You Can Lead, But Can You follow?

We read, write and talk a lot about the skills and abilities of leaders. In that discussion, it’s easy to forget a critical part of a leader’s success is that first person who is willing to follow. It’s pretty simple: without a follower, there’s no leader. Derek Sivers’ video, “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing[…]