3 Ways to Focus on Organizational Integrity

Integrity is not just a personal issue; it is also an organizational and cultural issue. People across the enterprise are influenced by the rules, processes and values of an organization. Assess your current culture and consider the signals and subtle messaging it is sending to employees: Do clear rules exist for ethical behavior? Having guideposts,[…]

3 Ways to Get Deep About Development

We’ve talked about the importance of coaching talent and about creating development plans. It’s a lot easier to do both of those things if you actually know the people on your team. Here are ways to get beyond knowing their first name and where they like to eat lunch: Understand their interests. What are your[…]

4 of Our Most Popular Leadership Posts

  In case you missed them the first time around, here are four of RealTime Performance’s most popular posts on leadership: The 8 Most Important Qualities of Leadership at Google How Technology is Impacting Leadership Using Soccer to Teach Leadership Performance Review vs. Performance Preview Like what you read? Try adding some of what you[…]

3 Phrases that Kill Trust in the Workplace

A key ingredient for establishing trust in the workplace is being accountable for your actions .  Accountability involves claiming your own power and marshaling your internal resources to achieve better results. Accountability asks, “What do you need?” Or, “What can I do to make a difference?” Accountable behavior enables you to take charge of your[…]

4 Steps for Coaching Talent with Development Plans

Wondering how to coach your talent on the creation of their career development plans? Here are four steps to use when working with people on your team to create their individual development plans: Meet regularly with your employees one-on-one to clarify their immediate and long-term career goals and select a skill or behavior in need[…]

3 Leadership Blogs We Follow

Finding powerful, useful and inspirational resources about leadership is what we do every day at RealTime Performance. We look for content related to leadership that will resonate with our clients’ employees, managers and executives. With the popularity of blogs and self-published content, we’ve noticed there’s a lot to read about leadership out there in cyberspace.[…]

A Company that Builds People First and Machines Second

Bob Chapman is not your typical leader.  Take, for example, the mission of Barry-Wehmiller, the $1.5 billion company where Bob is Chairman and CEO: We build great people who do extraordinary things. You might be confused if someone told you that Barry-Wehmiller builds capital equipment and delivers consulting services, because what Bob will tell you is “building great[…]