Lessons from a 630-Year-Old Family Business

The Cantina at the Antinori Winery. The Antinori family of Italy traces the founding of its family-owned wine business to 1385.  That’s 630 years and 26 generations of business continuity. Consider the risks that a business faces over a span of that period, including war, plague, economic crisis, political turmoil, family health, and sibling rivalries just to name[…]

3 Leadership Blogs We Follow

Finding powerful, useful and inspirational resources about leadership is what we do every day at RealTime Performance. We look for content related to leadership that will resonate with our clients’ employees, managers and executives. With the popularity of blogs and self-published content, we’ve noticed there’s a lot to read about leadership out there in cyberspace.[…]

3 Videos to Inspire Your Resolutions

Even if you haven’t created a formal list of New Year’s Resolutions, it’s likely you’re thinking of things you’d like to do differently in 2013. Feeling successful, communicating effectively and creating meaningful relationships are at the core of our lives at work and at home. As such, there is always room for improvement in these[…]

3 Tips for Creating a Sense of Tribe

In Seth Godin’s book Tribes he says: “Human beings can’t help it: we need to belong.” While this may appear to be a simple statement, the implications of creating a sense of belonging to a tribe can have a huge impact on a leaders’ success. One tribe with one purpose can get amazing work done.[…]

Do Employees Know Your Expectations?

  “I know what is expected of me at work.”   This statement is the first of twelve covered in The 12 Elements of Great Managing, a book based on research from 10 million employee and manager interviews conducted by Gallup. The research showed that one of a manager’s most important roles is to help[…]

Resource Round-Up: Questions and Conversations

Journalists know the importance of the Five W’s (who, what, when, where, why…and don’t forget how). They understand that the difference between a good or bad question can make or break a story, and potentially their career. As leaders we also need to be intentional about the questions we ask and the conversations we have[…]

Sure, You Can Lead, But Can You follow?

We read, write and talk a lot about the skills and abilities of leaders. In that discussion, it’s easy to forget a critical part of a leader’s success is that first person who is willing to follow. It’s pretty simple: without a follower, there’s no leader. Derek Sivers’ video, “First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing[…]

What We can Learn from the Olympics

We watch the Olympics and are fascinated by the athletes who have devoted years to practicing and improving their abilities. We marvel at the parents, coaches, teachers and mentors who have helped them get to the pinnacle of their athletic careers. How can we take that wonder and demonstrate the same respect in our everyday[…]

Mind Your Message

When we communicate, what are we really saying with the words we use? Consider these common phrases: no problem, at the end of the day, manage expectations. What do these clichés mean? When we use them, are we effectively communicating? Or are we just using these expressions to fill a void? There’s no judgment here[…]