Z to A of Leadership (Q to O)


Photo by: Ben Sutherland

Photo by: Ben Sutherland

There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. That’s why each week we’re exploring just three words related to leadership in our Z to A of Leadership series. Why did we start with Z, you might ask? Because great leaders start with the end in mind.

Q is for Quick: Whether it’s quick in mind or action, a leader grasps concepts and takes action without a long delay. Part of a leader’s gift is being able to quickly and accurately make an assessment of a situation, an employee, an opportunity. Based on that assessment, the leader isn’t afraid to move ahead or change directions in order to benefit the organization.

P is for Productive: Leaders get things done – through others and through their own efforts. Furthermore, they understand that making progress can inspire employees and teams. When working with a team, leaders remove obstacles, channel output in the right direction and take great care not squelch productivity unless absolutely necessary.

O is for Open: An “open door” policy. A willingness to be open and transparent in conversations. An openness to others’ opinions and ideas. In all of these ways, a leader is characterized by his or her accessibility and responsive attitude. This openness serves a leader well with interpersonal realtionships, as well as in helping a business evolve.

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