The 5As Framework: Getting More for Your Investment in Training

As a manager, you spend money on training and your employees spend valuable time being trained, but you’re often not seeing optimal business results from this investment.

Research shows that very few employees are able to apply what they learn in training to achieve measurable business impact.

The 5A’s Framework is a simple yet powerful model to help you, as a manager, ensure that the investment you’re making in time and money to train your employees is directly linked to achieving your business goals and strategies.

Getting More From Your Investment in Training: The 5A’s Framework is artfully designed and includes easy to follow resource guides containing questions, checklists and activities you can use to help your employees become more effective contributors.


What People Are Saying…

“Managers looking for insights into how to develop the skills of their people need look no further than the 5A’s Framework.”

John Baldoni, Internationally acclaimed thought leader and executive coach, author of Lead By Example and Lead Your Boss and author of the Harvard Business Blog: Leadership at Work.

“The 5A’s Framework offers a simple yet comprehensive description of the factors that lead to a learning culture,”

Winsor Jenkins, V.P. Human Resources at Northwest Pipe.

“The book was very helpful. It’s very clear, easy to read and I like the bullet points and numbers of things–makes it easier for people to get their minds around what you’re saying. I’ll certainly add it to my recommended list!”

Ari Weinzweig, Co-founder and CEO of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

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