Leading Innovation

In today’s competitive marketplace, more and more companies are seeking to DRIVE INNOVATION but what does that mean for leaders?

In this one-day workshop, participants learn how real innovation happens from idea generation through idea transformation to idea actualization. At each innovation phase, participants learn about the skills and behaviors that help move the process forward.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the critical role leaders play in the creative process
  • Master the people-skills that drive innovation
  • Learn about the “Idea Growing” process
  • Practice the facilitation skills that foster innovation
  • Manage the ego agenda (both your own and others)
  • Gain others commitment and buy-in to change
  • Unleashing the creativity of your team or organization

Participants come to the workshop with their own problem or opportunity and throughout the day they work with teams on their specific issue. As each skill is introduced, participants get an opportunity to apply that skill while working on a problem that is relevant to their business.

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