Game of Drones: Leading in the Age of AI

There are certain skills that computers can perform better than humans. Over the next ten years, many jobs and responsibilities that have traditionally been performed by humans will be replaced by computers drawing on artificial intelligence and utilizing machine learning.

As smart machines take on more and more of the routine and predictive tasks performed by managers, it begs the question: What jobs, responsibilities and skills will remain in the domain of humans? What leadership skills should we develop today so that 5-10 years from now, we are well prepared to lead and manage in the organization of the future?

This half day workshop – available in both in-person and live-virtual format – focuses on idenitfying and enhancing five key leadership skills that will separate the digital leaders of tomorrow:

Strategic Thinking – Thinking big picture and understanding what business you are in, and how technology will impact your industry.

Human + Machine Collaboration – Working on teams where machine learning and AI take on the role of team members.

Innovation – Understanding the creative process and how to “grow” ideas.

Decision Making – Applying human judgment to the AI process.

Curiosity – Continuous learning, exploring new ideas and asking great questions.

During the workshop, participants learn about how AI is changing work today, and how it may impact aspects of their own job.

Participants then do a deep dive into the five key skills, prioritize the ones they need to develop further, and identify strategies for developing those skills.

The goal of this discovery-based learning experience is to prepare leaders to successfully adopt and leverage AI capabilities where relevant, and ensure their value as digital leaders in their organization. In other words, “future-proof” their leadership.

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