Well Being: The Art of Living Well


This 3 -hour workshop – offered in both in-person and live-virtual – provides strategies and tips to improve and maximize one’s well-being. The workshop centers around a set of 25 Well-Being practices. Participants sort, discuss and prioritize the Well-Being activities that have the biggest impact on their lives. Throughout, participants write in a structured journal/guidebook to document ideas, personal commitments and strategies.

The Five Pillars of Well-Being

MENTAL: A positive mindset and approach to life that we draw on to overcome obstacles and challenges.

SOCIAL: Strong connections to our families, friends and communities.

PHYSICAL: Healthy body with energy, strength and stamina.

EMOTIONAL: Freedom from debilitating anxiety and stress, and the ability to manage emotions during challenging situations.

FINANCIAL: Sound Personal financial decision-making.

The Well Being App

Participants receive access to the Well Being App, an interactive mobile app with 25 Well Being practices and instant tips and strategies for each.

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