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About ten years ago I started listening to podcasts while traveling on airplanes.  Suddenly, the time I previously spent battling the airplane wi-fi and trying to win the arm-rest battle while in the middle seat (I got very little work done), was replaced with learning.  Those early podcasts motivated me to read more.  Soon I was listening to podcasts while running, which in turn, inspired me to start writing more.  And that, inevitably led to this monthly newsletter. 

New Episodes Every Monday

Well, I’ve come full circle.  After much contemplation,  I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring with my own podcast.  Why? I looked around for a podcast that covered the ground I was most interested in: the intersection of leadership, learning, decision-making, self-improvement, purpose and happiness.  Any one of these topics could command a dedicated podcast, and there are some good examples in each discipline, but I was more interested in how they all add up to help us live the best life possible – The Good Life.

The idea for the podcast had been rolling around in my head for a while, but execution was severely lacking, until one day I got a call from Stig Brodersen, the co-host of the widely popular We Study Billionaires podcast.  Stig had read my blog and asked me if I was interested in hosting a show on his network: The Investor’s Podcast Network?  He suggested the topic of Personal Leadership.  I countered with my Good Life idea, pitching it as Personal Leadership plus a little more.  He liked the idea and we agreed to work together to launch the show.  Partnering with The Investor’s Podcast Network means the show is professionally produced, and it affords me the time to focus on delivering the best content possible.

The Good Life is a weekly podcast focused on the most important investment we all make – investing our time wisely to get the most out of life. Join me on a journey for the life well-lived. Episodes drop every Monday, and the first two episodes are now live.  If you’re interested, please subscribe.

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