Drawing on recent research  on neuroscience, behavioral economics and decision theory, Decision Mojo is a powerful one-day learning experience that helps participants make better decisions.  Participants learn about the 12 most common decision making traps  and how to overcome the biases that often impair decision making.   The course also covers the role intuition play in decision making, and how to balance intuition and reason to improve decision outcomes.

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Managing Success

Managing Success is a management and leadership development program that introduces people managers to the essential skills needed to effectively manage people and teams.  The program leverages interactivity and case studies to focus participants on practical takeaways.  Rather than being a traditional training event, Managing Success views learning as an ongoing process, and therefore the design includes an upfront assessment, partnership with the participants managers and a post-workshop follow-through coaching.

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Influence Inside

Using discovery-based learning techniques, this engaging workshop teaches the skills necessary for influencing others.  Through mini-simulations and interactions, participants learn about the 4 C’s of influence; Credibility, Common Ground, Communicating and Connecting.   Influence Inside is a blend of simulation, improvisational activities and one-on-one coaching applied to real-life influence opportuni.  This program includes an optional blended learning component so participants can access content modules via online learning.

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