7 Leadership Lessons from a CEO

I recently had an opportunity to hear Gail McGovern speak to a group of high-potential leaders at the American Red Cross headquarters in Washington, DC. She shared her personal history from her early career at AT&T where she started as a computer programmer and rose to Executive Vice President. There were a lot of lessons[…]

Einstein & Creativity

In 2015 we celebrated the one-hundred-year anniversary of the publication of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity. What Einstein was able to achieve was so astounding and so creative, it is worth reflecting on how he did it. Thought Experiments. Einstein’s intellectual journey toward the General Theory of Relativity did not begin with complex equations and high[…]

3 Tips for Improving Decision Making

You walk into the conference room for your fourth meeting of the day. It’s a cross-functional committee and you’ve been tasked with making a big decision. You’re pretty sure the committee made a decision during last week’s meeting, and you’re hopeful today’s topic is focused on execution. After all, a solution was discussed thoroughly and[…]


RealTime 360 is a leading application for providing online 360-feedback, interactive leadership development guides and individual development planning tools. The RealTime 360 solution delivers a complete employee development experience from assessing individual skills through 360-feedback to providing recommended resources and helping employees create and share action plans. The Harrison Assessment is a comprehensive, research-based behavioral-based[…]

What We Do

We design and deliver engaging learning experiences that give leaders the skills they need to succeed: Strategic Thinking Collaboration Business Acumen Decision Making Innovation Our experiential-based workshops blend learning with application in a team environment. Through the use of simulations, scenarios, case studies, and assessments, we help people learn and apply new skills to address real business[…]


A one-day business simulation that immerses teams of 4-5 participants  into an intense and realistic business environment where they are tasked with leading a growing enterprise.  Teams make decisions regarding customers, brand, employees, operations and financing, and then see the impact of their decisions on the value of the organization. Throughout the experience participants learn and[…]

Our Mission

To help people become better leaders and to live more purposeful lives. We believe in: Clarifying one’s purpose in life, and aligning to that purpose Improving everyday through continuous learning, reflection and practice Emotional maturity to make wise choices Being fully present and authentic to others Making a difference in the lives of others and[…]